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Seedea網店為您提供「30日貨品購物保證」(不包括 "不可退回的產品"),讓您購物無後顧之憂。大部份於Seedea網店購買的產品均可享有由收貨日計起三十日的購物退貨退款保證(以香港郵政或快遞送貨簽核記錄為準),請先聯絡我們,並請把訂單編號一併告知我們。 在收到我們的確定電郵後,請妥善包好需要退回的貨品及附上該電郵副本或送貨單。 將退貨郵寄到Seedea公司: 所有退貨產品必須先付回程運費,Seedea網店恕不接受收貨人支付運費事宜。 請注意我們在退款之前,必須檢查及驗證退貨,如發現情況未能符合我們的退換規條,所有退貨將不獲退款,Seedea網店亦不會負責將貨品退回。 在退款時,原來訂單的運費及處理費用將不獲退回,不便之處,敬請原諒。我們會將貨品的總額退回給您。如您退回的貨品附送有推廣贈品或特價購買產品等,亦必須將該貨品一併退回,否則退款將不獲處理。如有退回附屬的贈品,退款時我們將會扣除該贈品或特價貨品的價值。 不可退回的產品 • 產品收貨期已超過30天。 • 產品已經開封或曾被使用(例如包裝膠紙或盒被撕去)。 • 產品並未保持完好包裝、已受破壞、損毀、不完整。 • 任何食品, 包括 (但不限於) 曲奇餅、零食、營養果棒及嬰兒奶粉等等任何顯示不接受退貨的折扣產品、清貨產品或特賣產品。 • 任何免費贈品及試用裝禮品。 • 任何防疫產品。 • 如任何爭議,Seedea網店保留最終決定權不得議異。 退款時間:Seedea網收回退件後約14個工作天內 無法派送的訂單:部份訂單會因收貨地址不詳、郵政信箱、酒店地址、多次派送均無人收件、收件人拒絕繳付稅項/拒絕提供身份證/未能為貨物進行報關或收件人拒收包裹等原因而被退回。 當郵遞公司將包裹退回給我們時,我們會在退款中扣除原本的運費、手續費及產品總額的百分之十五﹝如被退回的訂單是送往香港地址,我們將會在退款中扣除原本的運費、手續費及HK$25﹞作為退回訂單處理費。 我們可以為客人再次付運被退回的包裹,但客人需要支付再次付運的郵費,郵費根據你訂單原本的送貨方式及地區而定。 Your interest is protected by our “30-days guaranteed return policy”, we accept products sold by with not more than 30 days of receipt (based on the delivery record). Please contact us first and provide us with your Order Number. Indicate returned products and the reason for your return. Pack the returned products along with our acknowledgement email securely in a box that we can expedite your request. Send the returning items by mail to: Seedea dot Com, 8/F Block B, MP Industrial Centre, 18 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong. All return shipping fee must be prepaid. We cannot accept COD returns. Please note that before providing a refund for any returned product we will first verify its condition. All Non-returnable items will neither receive refund nor return to you. We regret that we do not refund original shipping and handling fees with the return. We can only refund the total value of products. And if your order was placed with a promotion code or free gift, you must return them together in order to have the refund. Otherwise, original price of the product will be deducted from the refund. Non-returnable items • Any product that is returned more than 30 days after receipt. • Any product that has been opened or used (taken out of its plastic wrap or box). • Any product that is not in its original condition, is damaged, is missing parts. • Any discount, clearance or sales product that has already stated non-returnable. • Any free gift product and samples.. • Any protective care items. • In the event of dispute,'s decision shall be final and conclusive. Refund timeline: 14 working days upon the item return to Undeliverable orders: Occasionally orders are returned to us as incorrect address, a PO Box and hotel address, failed delivery attempts, refuse to pay tax/ refuse to provide ID copy/ unable to make import declarations or parcel refused by recipient. When the delivery agent returns an undeliverable package to us, we issue a refund by deducting the original shipping fee, handling fee and 15% of the value of products as re-stocking fee. (For the return of undeliverable, re-stocking fee of HK$25 will be deducted from your refund.) We can re-ship orders that are returned to us as undeliverable or unclaimed. However, customers will be charged for resend shipping fee* per parcel. *Re-shipping fee is base on the original shipping method used for your purchase.