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AIR Defender 長效淨味除臭噴霧 500mL



🧹 輕鬆消除難聞異味 ✅安全可靠 成分天然無害 ✅無間斷加速氧化空間中嘅異味 適用於:冷氣機噏味, 水渠味, 洗手間氣味🚻,垃圾桶🚮,鞋臭🩴 等等

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 使用方法 Usage :
1. 均勻噴灑於引起異味的物件表面及附近空間之牆身,待3分鐘乾透後即可 

Spray evenly on the surface of the objects and the walls of the nearby space, and wait for a few minutes to dry
2. 建議用量為一星期噴塗1次

Recommended dosage one spraying once week
3. 輕微異味可於短時間內消滅

Even a slight smell  can be eliminated in a short time 
4. 使用次數可按異味嚴重程度增加或減少

Frequency  use can be increased or decreased according to the degree of strictness of smells

成分 Ingredients:
Q-Dot TiO2 ,  deionized water

保存期限 Expiration Date

Valid for 9 months after opening.


Keep in cool and dry places.

注意事項 caution :
Do not use if liquid solidifies


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